Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Da Vinci The Secret Beneath, Break The Code+@OneUtama

Talking about Da Vinci, he is definitely one of the greatest painters but I admire him for his inventions, although it was never made and the only painting by him that I know are Mona Lisa, The Last Supper, and Vitruvian Man. There are so much to say about the man but one thing that always capture my interest is the popular belief that he likes to hide secret codes and messages in his artwork. Leonardo was certainly no stranger to the use of codes and encryption, even his notes are written backward with 'mirror' writing.

So this time, we channel our inner Robert Langdon of the famous Dan Brown's book series by spending an hour to uncover the secrets of Da Vinci’s paintings. Yup. That's what came up in my mind soon after I read the synopsis of Break The Code's Da Vinci.

First of all, I want to talk about how solid the theme is. Soon after we entered the room, it felt like we in were a gallery in France (okay I don't really know how does a gallery in France look like, I've never been there). Even most of the puzzles and riddles scream Da Vinci. Second of all, oh the flawless technology. BTC+ in the 5th operator that we've tried but their technology intensified puzzle, we've never seen that in other operators so far. Third of all, the riddles were very well thought out. It was very clear on how to solve the puzzles. But although the puzzles and riddles were very expected and average, it was still fairly challenging. And one of it was very confusing as we thought it would be a size of something but it turn out to be another much bigger.

However, our biggest beef for this room would be one of the last few puzzles that if you don't know your do, re and me, it would be difficult to solve. It was very disappointing and it kinda killed all the fun we had up to that moment. We were seriously so annoyed by it as we both was never trained in music. And also, it really did not suit the room and it kinda let down the theme a bit.

In the end, we manage to get out in time. If only we called the game master earlier to help us, it would spare us a lot of time, but overall, it was one of our favorite games. Yes, there was one disappointment but it doesn't matter compared to the immense gratification we felt.

Aside from Da Vinci, we played another 3 rooms that day so don't forget to check our next reviews,
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Keep calm and happy escaping~~ ❤️

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