Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Dreadnought, Breakout @NuSentral

We heard about Breakout since a year ago but it took as awhile to try it out because 1st, it was located at Avenue K (on top of KLCC LRT) and we thought it would be so crowded(we were so wrong) and we hate crowded places. 2nd, it was so expensive (the price was RM50+ per person back then), and 3rd, we heard stories from fellow escapees that their room was so challenging and sophisticated and harder.

But since we've tried all of the rooms in Escape Room and to feed our hungry crazy escapist heart(we were suffering from escape game withdrawal syndrome), and knowing that they have a branch at Nu Sentral (which is way more crowded than Avenue K), we've decided to try one out. So it was a fine Monday, we went to 4th floor Nu Sentral and I'm not gonna lie that even their front door is soo intimidating.

So upon reaching there, we asked about the possibility of playing their games with only 2 people. Actually, it was more like insisting but the staffs were okay with it although they did warn us that since it was our first game with them, it might be a bit difficult. Haaa. Sometimes it was so frustrating that it was only the both of us.  Anyhoo, after discussion, we've decided to try out Dreadnought.


As usual, before we start our games, we must first undergo the safety briefing, what to do and what not. The rules are pretty much the same as Escape Room, only this time, we got some characters to choose. There are 8 of them but we choose to be oracle and time bender. Basically, the oracle gets to remember the hints in the form of pictures and the time bender, well, let say our time is up and we haven't escaped, we were granted with extra 5 minutes. Or, we can exchange the extra time with one answer if we were stuck in solving one puzzle.

Time Bender
There are 5 rooms in Dreadnought so players really need to manage their time wisely as we felt like there are so many things to do in this room. Thus, 2 people are actually not enough. The oracle ability really helps us a lot actually. There are varieties of puzzles, but some of the clues are very straight to the point. It is safe to say that the puzzles are actually hard enough but resolvable. There are some physical tasks so girls if you're planning on playing Dreadnought, avoid wearing miniskirts.

Overall, we were very impressed with this game. The set up is very real. It is true that Breakout's games do require more thoughts and efforts to solve the puzzles but we think it is fair enough as they numbered their puzzles according to which one you need to solve first and the characters provided really help a lot.

It was such a disgrace that we were stuck in the last puzzle but although we did not manage to get out in time, it was very satisfying as the staff comforting us by saying that it was a great achievement for us as we are able to get to where we were even though there were only 2 of us.
I don't know if they said that to make us feel okay but I'll take that as a compliment and a license to gloat. Hahaha~~

Anyways, do check their website and don't forget to keep up with us as we share more of our escaperience.

Till then, keep calm and happy escaping.~~

Photo courtesy of Breakout.

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  1. I've always wondered what it would be like doing an escape room with just 2 people. It would certainly make communication easier!