Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Slaughter House, Escape Room e@Curve

We talked a lot about escape room so many times before and finally, we decided to give it a try.
It was our first time so we were extremely excited and thrilled with the idea of being locked in a room and the only way out is by solving mind-boggling puzzles, tasks and riddles that required a combination of wits, powers of reasoning, an observant eye and sometimes, courage.
We choose to go to their outlet at e@curve and it was around early November. The moment we step into Escape Room, immediately we realized that we’re in a professional setting, along with great customer service, it makes us keen to try it out.
After a lot of discussion among us, we decided to try two games, Slaughter House and Room 13.
We’re told that these were their most difficult room ever(5 stars rated) and considering that we have no experience in playing escape games before, they advised us to try the one with 2 or 3 stars instead. But us, being so stubborn, insisted that we’ll only go for the horror-themed that night. I guess we’re still in our Halloween mode that day. 😐
Anyways, after briefing about safety precautions and the backstory of Slaughter House, we were lead into the room and soon after we entered, we couldn’t help but felt really creepy. Prolly because it was our first time, we’re so paranoid that there's something alive in there. 
The scene in the room was very uncanny, and while not being pitch black, it does have a very strong horror theme (just making this clear, in case the name ‘Slaughter House’ wasn’t enough of a clue). I don’t mean to give any spoilers away but I have to say that get ready for a lot of body parts around and blood splattered all over the room, although fake, but it was enough to make us felt eerie.
Before the game starts, our marshall(staff) told us that we’re given 3 chances to get help from them and gave us the option to use our first hint or not, and because we don’t know what to do and where to start (also scared), we used our first hint and from there, we found our next clues and tasks. Maybe because we are not familiar with this kind of game before, we spend too much time in solving the first few tasks (okay that was us giving excuses 😋)
There were 1 or 2 puzzles that we can’t decipher and we did not call for help because we thought the answer might be pretty easy and we might waste the hint but in the end, we asked for help and the answer was put in a place we never thought of and we were like ‘Aaah.. we shud call them earlier’. Anyways, we ran out of time and the marshall came and explain to us the answers to every puzzle. We were like ‘oooh’ and ‘laaa macam tuu’.
To be honest, this was our most upsetting defeat ever because there was a lot more puzzles that we can’t solve. But whatever it is, we had a very great time in this room. And because we lost this one, we became more eager to play the second one because it felt like we have something to prove.
The puzzles, the riddles, and the task were well thought out. The flow of the storyline was pretty interesting and it got us curious and make us keen to find the answer. The decoration was well matched with the theme and the background music only add up to the feeling like we were really in a slaughter house. Our only comment is that the clues are not clear and needed some touch ups.
As a first timer that time, one thing that we realized is that it was very challenging because you don’t know what to do and it was so hard. You don’t know if what you do is right or wrong and you were so afraid to look stupid. Believe me, there were a lot of ideas but it all came down to ‘Betul ka ni? Ndak macam bodoh ka?’.
Whatever it is, now that we’ve played a lot of escape games already, we kinda regret choosing Slaughter House as our first game ever because we always felt like we could do better, regardless of whether we managed to escape or not. But so far, there are a lot more themes that got us fascinated. So don’t forget to check out our blog CONSTANTLY to keep up with our escaperiences. :P
For those of you who wanna try playing Slaughter House, do visit here and book your session asap.
Keep calm and happy escaping~~ ❤️
Photo courtesy of Escape Room


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