Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Kidnapped, Lockdown @Lot 10

A few weeks ago, we went to Lockdown at Lot 10 to try out all of their rooms. This was our first time playing escape games in Lockdown, after Escape Room and Breakout.

We were told by the staffs that this is a franchise from Singapore, and the storylines and puzzles were designed partially based on true stories, making us quite unsure to even try one. It was our 'tradition' to play 3-5 games in one day if possible and usually, we would choose our first room based on our guts but this time, we've decided to try their 4 stars rated room first, Kidnapped.

As the name suggest, we were blindfolded at the start of the game, depicting that we were kidnapped and we didn't know where we were held captive. We have been blindfolded so many times before in other escape games and during our earlier days as escapees, we've been wondering about the relevance of it but now, after soo many rooms, we realize that it makes it feel more realistic and chilling, just like we were really kidnapped.

In the first room, the decoration was so simple and surprisingly, we were so confused about where and how to get a clue. The puzzle was a bit tricky at first and we had to use our first hint and to be honest, we still regret it up to this day. It was so simple, it was in front of our eyes but somehow, we miss that.

Moving on to the second room, all of the puzzles were moderately easy for us but it was all because we've seen the same puzzle before in another escape games, so I guess it would still be a bit hard for first timers. But one thing that confused me the most was the last room. Imagine you were captivated in a creepy room and you managed to escape and suddenly, you are in a rather cheerful room. We had to assume that probably the kidnapper was a man who grew up with a sad childhood or something like that, but it turn out that we were actually being captivated by the kidnapper in his basement and we managed to get out via a children's room just near the basement (thanks to post-briefing).

Anyhoo, the puzzles in this room was kinda easy tho it was rated 4 stars. But it was not a reason for us to not enjoy the room. It was still challenging and we managed to get out in the nick of time. I would definitely suggest this room for beginners out there. It was definitely worth it.

Check out their website here and pre-book your session with them asap.

Photo courtesy of Lockdown KL


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